Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

Usage of our site, CSGOWeek and its services constitute your acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to any of these stipulations please leave the site immediately.

Winnings and Disbursement

Users will receive winnings (from Daily Raffle, Open Cases) from CSGOWeek trade agents into 24 hours (will be accepted your request). For the reason of new UPDATE is not possible your requested item send to 24 hours. In this case we will processing your request in shortest possible time. It is possible that your request will be sended with 7 days delay. The Trade offer will be sended only once. You have time to accept Offer so much as Steam allows. The Winner do not have right to change his Winnings. The Winnings can be changed only by Owner (page CSGOWeek) minimally one day befor drawing of lots, when item will be sended. Owner (page CSGOWeek) have right to cancel all winnings which user won in case when is refunded payments (owner - CSGOWEEK - have right to choose part of winnings that will be canceled, or all winnings), or other cases when is refunded payments or otherway when is violated law. In case when user don't provided his Trade-URL (on Steam) then owner - CSGOWEEK- can (but don't have to) wait for one day to user set his Trade-URL on Steam. Owner - CSGOWEEK - don't has to send e-mail or other way contact user that he haven't set his Trade-URL on Steam. When over one day isn't set Trade-URL all winnings will be forfeited, user haven't right to get amount back to balance or request to send items again.


By using CSGOWeek, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old and of legal age to form a binding contract in your jurisdiction. By using our site and its services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and are able to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by our organization in this time, later modification. These terms may be altered and amended as the business grows, and all users are expected to adhere to any changes made in our Terms of Service section.


We reserve the right to restrict access to harmful users. Any attempts to impersonate CSGOWeek staff, molest other users, misuse the site and its services will result in termination your account.

Limitation of Liability

Use of our services is at your own risk. CSGOWeek and its employees or agents will never be held liable for your profits or losses while using our services.

Restricted access

Access to some page of this website is restricted by owner. www.csgoweek.com reserves the right to restrict access to some website of this website, at our discretion, this entire website. www.csgoweek.com can change, modify this policy without notice.

Law and jurisdiction

If need arise that the aforementioned terms and conditions need to be upheld, or a legal dispute should arise CSGOWeek, and its management have the right to decision in choosing the appropriate jurisdiction in which potential disputes are to be settled (and choosing the appropriate country, state, in which potential disputes are to be settled).

Open Cases

All case opening are processing on server (CSGOWeek) side. All what you see, that is only animated way to present winnings. All irregularities showed on your side (showed in your PC on www page) between what you win, your winnings and what showed you as your winnings, what was animated as winnings. Then as winnings is what you have in inventory (what was processing on server, droped you on server side) not that what was showed / animated as winnings.


Every your deposit have to be pay with your own credit, debit card or other paymethod when you are owner of balance on this paymethod. All your deposit is on your own risk. NO REFUND. You must know we don't allow any refund of your deposit, deposit is nonrefundable.